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Inuyasha, Kagome and Koga






Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon CRYSTAL

How do you mount dead insects? Found it in my pool and couldn’t bring myself to throw it away.

I don’t even communicate well over the internet

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And here they are:

Thermoception:  Ability to sense heat and cold. Thermoceptors in the brain are used for monitoring internal body temperature.

Proprioception: The sense of where your body parts are located relevant to each other. 

Chronoception: Sense of the passing of time. Your body has an internal clock. 

Equilibrioception:  The sense that allows you to keep your balance and sense body movement in terms of acceleration and directional changes. 

Magentoception:  This is the ability to detect magnetic fields. Unlike most birds, humans do not have a strong magentoception, however, experiments have demonstrated that we do tend to have some sense of magnetic fields. 

Tension Sensors:  These are found in such places as your muscles and allow the brain the ability to monitor muscle tension.

Nociception:  In a word, pain.  This was once thought to simply be the result of overloading other senses, such as “touch”, but it has it’s own unique sensory system.  There are three distinct types of pain receptors: cutaneous (skin), somatic (bones and joints), and visceral (body organs).


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i feel like im watching dragon ball Z and goku is about to show up and fight final form neil degrassi tyson


Sesshomaru with his Bakusaiga sword from his regenerated left arm.

It’s not even hot outside but inside it still is. The windows are open but it seems like the wind won’t blow into them. I’m such a sucker in the heat. My ideal temperature is between 55 and 75 degrees at noon but I prefer when it gets colder rather than hotter. I cannot fathom living in the real desert.

On repeat ‘till I shower, my hair dries, and I go to sleep.