Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner

Speaking of movies, this is basically Inuit Beowulf.

It was written, produced, directed, and acted entirely by Inuit people. I think a lot of people might be interested in Medieval Inuit art and literature, and this is a pretty great example.

You can watch and download the entire trilogy here for free (but donate if you can!!!); Atanarjuat is the first film and takes place around 1000 A.D.-ish. It also won a LOT of awards. Keep in mind: it’s entirely in Inuktitut, with English subtitles.

it’s a stunning movie

I’ve now finished watching the entire trilogy, and I have to say that all three films are mind-blowingly amazing.

Make sure you have a box of tissues, though because they will leave you pretty weepy.

I’ve watched it saturday und it is absolutely fascinating to see ancient inuits through the eyes of modern inuits !

Oh, absolutely! I love how they created the script, with double-checking on the action and the dialogue, and different elders pointing out small inconsistencies like, “Oh, no, they wouldn’t have spoken to each other at that point, it was illegal back then.” I love that they tried to make it as historically accurate as possible.

Video Interviews with the cast are available too.

Additional cool thing: the company that created this trilogy, Isuma, has since transformed their website into an indigenous people’s web TV channel. So what sites like ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, ScrewAttack, and the Escapist are for geeky pursuits, IsumaTV attempting to be for indigenous creators. 

Check them out, they’re pretty cool. 

^^I didn’t know that! Amazing!!

A few years ago the director, Zacharias Kunuk, also made the first documentary to discuss climate change from the perspective of the Inuit, focusing on their own traditional body of knowledge regarding the environment. It’s called Qapirangajuq: Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change and can be found here.

I am absolutely going to watch that, and wanted to reblog so others can have the opportunity to do so. Thank you!

Visual Development from Bambi


once i made a video about this and i got 593048203 pieces of hate mail for it

"But I wanted it blue!" "Now, dear, we decided pink was her color" "YOU decided!"


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Now, this gif always annoys me, because it shows up on my dash with comments like “omg this is the sexiest thing eva” and “men in suits hhhHHH” which is fair enough.

But this gif is a very poor example of a sexily suited man. His jacket is extremely ill fitted, as if it were made for a man four sizes up from him. His tie is crooked, too tight, and mis-lengthened. His shirt’s collar is the wrong size for him, and the way he buttons it makes it look as if he’s never done it before.

Here, ladies and gents, is how it is done.

For the new followers, this is why I made these gifs to begin with.

Oh my, are you saying the young man in those gifs is actually you, oh…wow…

Dia do índio. Dia 19 de abril. Nossos antepassados foram bravos guerreiros, grandes herois, pessoas de fé e coragem. Somos filhos de Guaranis, Tupiniquins, Tupinambás.

Carregamos ainda, o sangue desses nativos. Somos mestiços, filhos de uma ancestralidade mística e misteriosa. Somos todos, filhos de Jaci e Tupã.

Nunca tenham vergonha de dizer que é descendente de nossos nativos! Tenham vergonha desses racistas, ignorantes, porcos, pobres de espírito, que se acham superiores a toda criatura, quando na verdade, são eles próprios os mais baixos seres da face da Terra.

Feliz dia do índio!


Favorite animated ladies-- 10/100: Pocahontas{1995}
"Is all my dreaming at an end? Or do you still wait for me, dream giver, just around the riverbend?”

It is time.